Sunday, December 19, 2004

bloom image #9 (for maria)
this image is copyrighted. do not reproduce without permission.

if you scroll down about 22 images (to one posted 11/28), you can see how bloom image #9 (for maria) has been altered by my hand-detailing. while this image is usually a 9" X 12" piece, the rendition done here is 10" X 14." bloom image #9 (for maria) was made for a really great person who saw my art by way of all said and done, it is really quite amazing. the varnish i used to finalize the piece was actually plastic dip, a sort of liquid, fast-drying clear plastic that one uses on tool handles, etc. it makes for a great finish and also lets you touch the art with no fear of messing it up. this piece has a great home now in southern california!

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