Saturday, September 22, 2007

the latest installment of photographs from august 2007:

ranging from photos of the eclipse (8/28/07)*

1. the full moon, just before the eclipse

2. black and white full moon over the tempest bar, pre-eclipse

3. tempest bar and full moon, pre-eclipse

4. tempest bar and the full moon portrait, pre-eclipse

5. the eclipse at about 50% completion

6. the eclipse at about 65% completion

7. eclipse over, the moon returning

to some random photos around san francisco

1. exacto knife on sidewalk

2. graffiti girl with graffiti all over her

3. sutro tower shrouded in fog

4. niall's cactus on the windowsill, midnight

5. the castro theater marquee from robert's kitchen window

6. graffiti in the haight

7. ferry building, 5 p.m.

to several of the dahlia photographs
(taken either at the sf dahlia show -- as noted --
taken out in golden gate park in the dahlia grove)

1. yellow/red bloom (dahlia show)

2. white/pink bloom (dahlia show)

3. tiny (and i do mean tiny) red bloom (dahlia show)

4. red pinwheel bloom (with bee)

5. the perfect photo: yellow/white bloom (dahlia show)

6. pink/yellow pinwheel bloom (tiny bug in left center of flower)

7. big puffy yellow bloom with bee

8. swirly pink/white bloom (dahlia show)

and finishing off with some orchid photos

1. calm: 3 Psychopsis blooms

2. tulip orchid: detail of Anguloa bloom

3. on the recliner: Coelogyne marmorata

4. one of my Oncidiums

5. mid-afternoon: a pair of Miltonia blooms

these images are copyrighted. do not reproduce without permission.

* in memory of naomi s.

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