Friday, March 24, 2006

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pensive jade buddha -- miniature (2006)
my neighbor and i went to the sf asian museum on "free day" and they let you photograph inside the museum, except that you can not use a flash. which made this photo all the more difficult as it is a small piece of milky/light brown jade in a small glass-enclosed case. luckily i was able to get this one photo. i found the buddha to be exquisite and pensive and captivating. i am using this image pensive jade buddha -- miniature (along with the spathloglotis photo below) in my adapting of a tibetan mandala. just so you know, we have a great photo of me in manhattan where i am sitting in the same position as the buddha. however, i look neither pensive nor exquisite, i look like a lizard. we'll see how the piece develops...

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