Sunday, January 30, 2005

7 palms over -- the entire week
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7 palms over is a 7-panel piece i was recently commissioned to do. the final product, seven 8" X 10" images, was a retirement gift for someone who has a fascination with palm trees. the very small strip above shows the 7 panels arranged as the days of the week, from monday to sunday. below, each of the days is shown in detail as its own panel.

the color scheme is the spectrum of colors (remember ROYGBIV?), one color per day. little did i know it but the seven deadly sins not only have a constellation associated with each sin, but also a color. i then also included the one of seven wonders of the world in each day, the "monday's child" line for each day, the day of the week translated into gaelic and, for symmetry, one of tchaikovsky's symphonies. so, when all is said and done -- each day has all seven components nested somewhere into it.

for example, since monday is the first day, and since red is the first color of the spectrum, monday is red. red is associated with the sin of wrath, whose constellation is ursa major. the sphinx is the chosen wonder of the world, with tchaikovsky's first symphony piece in the trunk of the palm tree. monday's child, of course, is full of grace.

the idea to include a piece of each of tchaikovsky's symphonies was the brain-child of phil, the person who commissioned the work, and it was a stroke of genius. the piece is for leon.

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