Monday, December 06, 2004

turtles for susan
this image is copyrighted. do not reproduce without permission.

the original photograph that turtles for susan is based on is not my own photo. it is, it would stand to reason, susan's photo. and it is. from ravello, italy. just one amazingly wonderful fountain, turtles, naked guys, an empty piazza and what appears to be the outline from the aol figurine from television. this picture and the one for permutations were both given to me by susan and this image, for a lot of special reasons, is dedicated to her. it is 8.5" X 11." this image happened quite by accident also, and on the same night that still life happened except that unlike still life, this photo was intentional; my futzing around with it to get this final image is what was by happenstance.

if by chance that the person now reading this is by chance the girl (with the geography trivia) who sat in front of me on the jet blue flight to nyc thursday morning (from oakland), this is what the image looked like before i colored it and gave it to you. i hope you enjoy it.

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